Background History And Mission

The civil war in Sri Lanka which ended in 2009 was in the Mullaitivu area of Vanni. The civilian population suffered severe casualties, displaced and disabled. In response to this situation, a small number of volunteers formed a group in 2010 with the aim of identifying people who needed assistance in the affected areas of Vanni. A volunteer from Sydney traveled to the war affected remote villages interviewing the displaced families, the injured and disabled, recording their stories, current circumstances, and urgent needs. The collected information was circulated to friends and relatives who came forward to give financial assistance, who then chose cases they were interested in supporting. The selected cases were then connected to those who wanted to help. Operating under the name “Tears of Vanni” fund-raising events were held enabling us to deliver help on a larger scale using local NGOs in Sri Lanka. To formalize the operations “VANNI REHABILITATION” was founded in 2013 in Sydney Australia.

How We Collect Information On Needs

We identify individuals or families who need assistance by collecting information through In country NGOs and field officers visiting and interviewing families, Regular visits to the affected areas by volunteers of Vanni Rehabilitation evaluating all requests for assistance received, by direct interviews.

Promoting Education In Impoverished Areas

Over 1500 underprivileged children were issued with school uniforms, school bags, shoes, water bottles and other educational material encouraging them to attend school. School Breakfast Programs resulted in higher school attendance. Provision of bicycles to children walking more than 3km to school. Additional coaching and encouragement through Evening/weekend classes and school excursions increase the happiness of children

Funding, Delivery And Accountability

Raising funds through various charity events, soliciting donors and then distributing funds/or material assistance on priority decided by us or sponsors. All collections and disbursements are banks to bank transfer and no cash handling are accountable for all the funds collected and our system of money allocation is transparent.100 % of funds collected reach needy families and no administration costs. We have field officers working at grass root level and we are in regular contact with them. We regularly visit and ensure that the deserving families are receiving the allocated livelihood funding. We monitor the progress of projects send photos and letters of acknowledgment from the beneficiaries to the relevant sponsors.

Projects Delivered Since 2010

Reducing poverty and improving health and economic well-being. Established oil mill at Vattapallai to process copra from the surrounding areas. Setup backyard farming including vegetable, poultry, and dairy farming. Constructing wells to provide drinking water and irrigation facilities to families and communities. Setup retailing shops to earn a living.

We are committed to provide material and moral support for war affected people of Sri Lanka in rebuilding their lives and their villages.

our mission

It only takaes a minute to set up a
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After your campaign is over, we’ll send 100% of what you raise directly to the field. We’ll keep track of where it goes.

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When a community gets access to clean water, it can change just about everything. It can improve health,


If donation becomes a habit, the word poor will have its death. Let us give another life to the poor and hopeless.

If you are willing to donate

Donations in Australia can be deposited directly into the account with Westpac Bank


BSB Number :032-270

Account Number :376135

Donations in Sri Lanka can be made by transfer to our account with BOC Vavuniya

Account Name:Vattapallai Kannaki Amman Saiva Paripalana Sabai

Account No:7046500

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